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Agrobill Tratores, Implementos, Pneus

Agrobill was founded in 1996, in the city of Cascavel, in the state of Paraná. It was in 2001 that it moved its headquarters to the city of Saltinho, in the state of São Paulo, located 10 km from Piracicaba.

We work with the best brands and models of the market in the sale of tractors, agricultural implements, tires, spare parts, tire and vehicle reform, as well as leasing of equipment and parts, be they new, new, used and revised. Thus, a high quality stock is guaranteed, which has its own specialized workshop in the reviews and remodeling of the equipment.

We are representatives of the best brands in the agricultural segment, such as Baldan, JF Máquinas, Civemasa, Nogueira, Inroda, among others. In this way we managed to keep the largest stock of new implements at the ready delivery in Brazil.

When it comes to refurbishing and selling off-road and off-road tires, we always deliver a wide range of new, refurbished tires as well as good used tires for Tractors, Machines and Trucks. Our goal is always to serve our customers in the best way, so we also offer repair services, repairs and tire duplication.

Our goal is always to maintain our standard of service to our friends and clients, therefore we offer the highest quality equipment and services.

We have a large structure located on the banks of the Cornélio Pires Highway (SP-127) at km 49.5, in the city of Saltinho.

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+55 (19) 3439-2221

Opening Hours

Segunda a quinta: 8 às 18 horas
Sexta: 8 às 17 horas
Sábado: 8 às 12 horas


Rodovia Cornélio Pires (SP-127)
Km 49,5 – Saltinho – SP
CEP 13442-000 – C.P. 14
A 10 km de Piracicaba

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